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“Why should we do business with you?!” - A good question and one we’re often asked when visiting with prospective clients. Always up for a good challenge, we put together the following top 10 list that we feel best describes who we are, what we do, and why you should consider becoming a part of our success:

Full Life Cycle Employment Solutions Provider: Whatever your needs in the employment cycle, we’re ready and able to assist. Need to hire or terminate someone? Need a resume? Struggling as an executive at work or just wondering about the next chapter in your professional life? We have the resources and know-how to guide you through these challenges.

International: We might not respresent every language, but Swedish and English are a pretty good start. We pride ourselves on the international mix of our team, and welcome people from all corporate and country cultures to engage us in your career evolution.

Assessments: Ever wonder why a candidate just didn’t work out even though they were the “perfect candidate” for the role? This happens more than you think, and it’s precisely why we partner with Zerorisk. Through Zerorisk we can get closer to who the candidate is as a person, and how that will translate into their performance as a professional.

Experience: Been there done that. We bring many years of experience from both sides of the hiring table, and can genuinely identify with your challenges and situation.

Cost: Ever thought you paid too much for the service provided?! We pride ourselves in viewing other’s fee floors as our glass ceilings. Bottom line... we’ll meet or beat any price but never scrimp on service.

Accuracy: Your time is valuable... and so is ours. Ever had your inbox flooded with marginal candidates for a vacant role?! It won’t happen with us, as we spend the necessary time qualifying candidates to submit only the select few. Ideally speaking our 1st candidate is the one you hire.

Match Makers: The magic is in the “fit.” We visit our clients on location to better understand their work environment, culture and scenario. We then review and assess our candidates to ensure a suitable match.

360 Degree Reference Checks: Anyone can brown nose their boss. We do 360 reference checks whereby we speak to supervisors, peers and team members to get a more complete picture of the who the candidate is among different levels and with different people.

We are driven to work hard and have fun: Recruiters can be a fluffy stuffy bunch, so we separate ourselves from that crowd by taking our jobs very seriously but ourselves not so much. We listen and deliver, working hard every day to evolve the careers and operations of our candidates and clients -- and find reasons to laugh all along the way. Smile and the whole world smiles with you!

We are great to work with: We do what we do because we are good at it and we love it. Work with us, follow our methods and advice, and you will see success in some way, shape or form - and you will have learned a lot more than what you signed up for.