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The need for an Interim Executive typically presents itself with immediacy accompanied by panic. A company that suddenly finds itself without a core leader can feel like a boat without a rudder, but rushing into an executive hiring decision can be a costly solution by any measure. This is where Career Evolutions’ Executive Interim Services come in.

Providing Interim Executives both in the US and internationally, we take great pride in our knowledge and network, along with our overall ability to effectively match Clients with Executives on an interim basis in a manner that is timely and sensitive to the delicate and serious nature of these kinds of placements.

Each member of our Executive Interim Team has the patience, knowledge and insight to understand your unique situation, launch a confidential and tailored search, and ultimately provide you access to the highest caliber Interim for the role at hand.



In support of our clients’ efforts to implement leadership and change management initiatives, we provide Executive and Management-level Interim expertise across all functional disciplines in the following categories:

Interim Leadership & Management

Whether caused by delays or setbacks in the permanent recruitment process, job transfers, or short/long term leaves of absence, a management gap can have major ramifications including missed deadlines, uncertainty among employees, clients and the marketplace, and ultimately a vision going off track. We will look at the position, consider the situation leading up to the vacancy, and set to work to find the best Interim Manager to fill your need while keeping the marketplace, the work, and the vision in line and on pace.

Program / Project Management

From Program Directors to Project Office Leaders, we understand the nature of programs and projects that stem from multiple sources including diversifications, acquisitions, integrations, and relocations. Whether operational or technological in nature, we will find the leaders and even the teams that your project needs to succeed.

Board Level Roles

Sudden changes to your Board of Directors can cause delays and uncertainties. We will look at the existing make up of your Board, consider the situation surrounding the vacancy, and find Interim Board Members and Chairs to maintain the momentum and stay the course of this important body.

Specialist skill-set based roles

As businesses diversify, acquire or expand, they often find themselves requiring a skill set that is unique and set apart from their core operations. Tap into the depth and breadth of our skill knowledge and talent pools to locate specialized skill set Interim Leaders who will know how to proceed, what and whom to subsequently put in place, and how to get your change or initiative off the ground or closer to its goal.



We are always looking to maintain a pool of the best and the brightest Interim Candidates, so if you would like to register your details with Career Evolutions for Interim opportunities, please email your resume and provide an indication of your availability and day rate expectations to


Need an Interim Manager?

Should you be looking for an Interim Manager, please send us an email indicating your contact information, your company and job title, along with as much of the following details as you currently have available:

  • Interim job start date, whether immediate or in the near future, and approximate length
  • Reason for the vacancy
  • Budget
  • Key deliverables for a successful assignment
  • Value-adding opportunities for the Interim, such as systems, mentoring, contacts, other projects
  • Key skills/background of perfect candidate

Please also attach a job specification if you have one.