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We work together with you to create aesthetically sharp documents that highlight your accomplishments, expertly present your expertise, and sell you in the best way possible. As your resume writing coach, we will bring clarification and disruption to what you are already doing, and then guide and equip you to do it better, more focused and more effectively.

Resumes, Profiles, Letters and Emails are all part of your Document Portfolio. Every professional needs more of some, less of others, and sometimes something in between. We assess the state of your current documents, provide feedback in writing, and engage you to the level you would like to find out what’s missing, what’s needed and what needs to happen.

We do the heavy lifting of writing and formatting while you provide content and feedback, and we consider your document portfolio project complete when you are satisfied.

Once we have determined your job search goals, we look to who will be your audience and what they will likely want to see. Then we get to work…while we are busy writing your documents, you can be focusing on other key elements of your job search.

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Resume Services
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Resume Services
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Resume Services
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